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"It was a great experience. All the tutors were very knowledgeable and supportive, the staff was very nice and helpful as well. In addition, I liked all of my students. The course was a little too intense, but I managed to pull through. I enjoyed all the classes and facilities. Thank you "
Y Hamzalar, CELTA student, 18 Jun 2018

"Before joining the course I had read some reviews of the students who had finished the Celta and mostly they were talking about the best experience that they had here. I wondered it is just a course and why should it be very special. At this very moment, I realize what they meant and Celta truly is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life."
S Hosseini, CELTA student, 18 Jun 2018

"It was a useful course with lot of learning involved. I will definitely come back for my DELTA course sometime in the future and I will also recommend the center to interested friends. "
M Taak, CELTA student, 16 Jun 2018

"Having passed a demanding course, I found out my weaknesses and strengths in English.i made a lot of good friends. This course made me work hard, besides the lesson plans were so helpful for i think they can stand for planning the whole life."
H Shojai, CELTA student, 16 Jun 2018

"It was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot from my tutors. Though the course was harder than I expected, but it's totally worth it. I would recommend CELTA to any teacher who wants to start a career in teaching English. "
A Hosseini, CELTA student, 15 Jun 2018

"The course was overwhelming, but with the help and the support of the tutors it turned out to be an amazing experience. I haven't been to CELTA course before but hands down we had the best tutors ever. Thank you Nikue Emma and Huss, and thanks to all of the staff members."
A Nejim, CELTA student, 07 Jun 2018

"Though the course was intensive and demanding, I found the content of the course really useful. Effective teaching techniques helped me run my Teacher Practices more easily. Learning more about different lesson plans and how to write a proper lesson plan and prepare a language analysis sheet based on a lesson's main aim made me more confident while teaching. Having different opportunities to observe experienced teachers, as well as observing our tutors in their demos and during input sessions made me observe different styles of teaching and helped me find my own teaching style. Applying different techniques in regrouping the students helped me make the atmosphere of my classes more lively and add more sense of humor to my teaching. Teacher Practice sessions create unique opportunities to experience teaching in real multilingual as well as multicultural settings. Moreover, teacher practice sessions helped me put different techniques that I have learned into practice and experienced the actual outcome of running these techniques in real classrooms, above all, receiving effective feedback from our tutors during feedback sessions was a great support. Applying different techniques by our experienced tutors during input sessions made the materials more tangible and unforgettable for me. On the whole, experiencing teaching by using professional techniques and under the close supervision of knowledgeable tutors made teaching more pleasant for me. "
E Haghnegahdar, CELTA student, 19 May 2018

"It was a challenging course, full of enjoyment of learning and experiencing new methods. The best part was being in an international team and making friends with the people who I wouldn't have met without participating in the course. I enjoyed every moment of the input sessions, TPs, and feedback sessions. "
A Ghrghasheh, CELTA student, 19 May 2018

"I can hardly believe it's finally come to the end. Despite the challenge, sleepless nights and tension it was awesome! Celta turned out to be a life-changing and overwhelming experience at the same time; it unlocked my potential, gave me confidence and motivation to move towards new accomplishments. I'd like to express my endless gratitude to Nikue, Huss, Emma, Michael, Ramy (the written order of the names does't mean anything, you are all precious to me). I also can't miss a chance to thank my peers; without their support I wouldn't be able to overcome obstacles on my way. I had the best team, and my success is the result of our effective collaboration! "
M Uzun, CELTA student, 15 May 2018

"I don't have any teaching experience and before the course started, I felt intimidated by the course itself. But, taking CELTA is one of the right decisions I made in my life. Yes, the course is demanding and intensive but rest assured that the staffs are very helpful and approachable. They assist in every way possible. The experience was fun and one of a kind. The course really helped me understood more in teaching English language. The methods taught are effective and helpful for both teachers and students. The 1 month in CELTA was so full yet so memorable. I had a great team. My colleagues were supportive as well as the tutors, they're the best. Two thumbs-up for CELTA in ITI."
M Sorel, CELTA student, 15 May 2018