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" The CELTA is definitely the best qualification I can get if I don't have any previous experience teaching. It set me up with the basics of English language teaching and at least give me the confidence to stand up and teach a class. "
I Zaqout, CELTA Online student, 10 Dec 2018

"The ITI staff was very helpful and the facilities provided were mainly sufficient. However, the rooms for the TPs were very small. Also the placement test for the TP classes needs some improvement!"
L Goerlach, CELTA Online student, 10 Dec 2018

"It was a unique, unforgettable experience to me. I've learnt a lot in each step of the course and became more confident with shifting my career into teaching."
A Tadayon, CELTA student, 07 Dec 2018

"Never have I trained in a professional center in my life.I believe what I took away from all the classes worths all the strenuous effort I made."
S Ezatifard, CELTA student, 01 Dec 2018

"I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by you, admirable tutors, and kind staff. I cannot thank you enough for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, your mentorship, guidance, and effort over the course. I would really love to be near you to have you as a guide, leading by example. Thank you so much "
M Fathi, CELTA student, 17 Nov 2018

"I loved my CELTA experience at ITI. The tutors are all brilliant and I have learned a lot from each and every one of them, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Overall, I am so glad I had the chance to get my CELTA here; it completely changed the way I perceive teaching. Everyone was so supportive and despite the intense work, stress and sleepless nights, I enjoyed every moment."
D Fahoum, CELTA student, 17 Nov 2018

"It was a dream ! Everything on the course was incredibly amazing ! The best tutors in the world and the best training center ever. "
N Sadi, CELTA student, 17 Nov 2018

"Great tutors Memorable experience"
A Toroghi, CELTA student, 13 Nov 2018

"For me, it was a good adventure, although I was under a lot of pressure. In this course (CELTA 5) we had a day off which was so helpful."
S Akhlaghi, CELTA student, 13 Nov 2018

S Mahmoudi, CELTA student, 13 Nov 2018