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"I took the blended CELTA and enjoyed it every step of the way. The course was well-organised and the workload reasonably distributed over 14 weeks. The feedback after each teaching practice was very useful and the course gave me the tools to plan out a basic skills or systems-based lesson. A huge thank you to Liz, Jenny, Robin, Tom and Marijke for your invaluable support and guidance, and for making us feel like one big family! "
R Ramadan, CELTA Online student, 19 Apr 2018

"It was great experience. I found that my į Age of what a teacher's job was and how teacher should be have were drawn Large from what I had seen the Celta teachers were doing. "
S Polat, CELTA Online student, 17 Apr 2018

"Assuming that I knew how to teach turned out to be something far-fetched. I learned so much at Celta and realized that I still need so much to learn. The course, in general pushed me to my limits in everyway and showed me how wide the teaching English can go. I loved this course! Would I do it once again if needed? Yes, definitely! Next stop; DELTA ;)"
A Sarıoğlu, CELTA Online student, 16 Apr 2018

"A warm and welcoming place with very helpful tutors Liz, Jenny, Tom and all supportive staff. Couldn't think of a better place in the world to get my Celta. "
O Liudmila, CELTA Online student, 16 Apr 2018

"It was tough but incredibly useful. The tutors and staff are helpful and supportive all the time. "
I Svitkouskaya, CELTA Online student, 16 Apr 2018

"It was incredibly fruitful and helped me to broaden my perspective both in life and teaching."
S Mehran, CELTA student, 15 Apr 2018

"I had a wonderful time working with professional tutors an instructors. So glad to be a part of extremely well-thought through programmes in ITI. That was the most adventurous experience ever."
F Aghaaminiha, CELTA student, 14 Apr 2018

"I had a great time studying in ITI.... working with professionals and learning from them... generally it was the best experience of my life. "
M Pashamohammadnoori, CELTA student, 14 Apr 2018

"It was informative, and it helped sharpen my skills and helped me acquire new skills. Thanks to my tutors and the effort Cambridge has put into it, I have managed to gain more professional knowledge of the field."
M Sankari, CELTA Online student, 10 Apr 2018

"Every teacher should experience it"
B Bigdeli, CELTA student, 10 Apr 2018