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"I was particularly satisfied with my tutors. They were very good with feedback and helping me improve. Later in the course I had some health issues, I was very happy with how Liz was able to help me through the problems concerning that. Facilities on site were all working and that's where ideas able to do all my printing for the lessons. Great experience. Nothing to say about the admin staff."
N Issa, CELTA Online student, 11 Dec 2017

"Very useful, exeeded my expectations"
Z Dolay, CELTA Online student, 11 Dec 2017

"The course provided me a cooperative learning environment. I have learnt a lot from the peers and tutors. The tutors were always ready to help. Whenever I sent them e-mail, they were so quick to respond. They contributed a lot to my confidence. Their comments were always so constructive. Online platform was also a great help. "
M Sargın, CELTA Online student, 11 Dec 2017

"Amazing and excellent! I loved the experience. My tutors were wonderful, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. They were always there for us. Facilities of the institute were enough and the atmosphere was positive too. CELTA is a life-changing experience which can broaden your horizons as a teacher ."
M Bahrpeyma, CELTA student, 20 Nov 2017

"Great institution. Well done"
A Elabyad, CELTA student, 18 Nov 2017

"Intensive and Informative. "
R Nouraei, CELTA student, 11 Nov 2017

"Thanks for all effort from everyone in ITI. I will miss my nice tutors and friendly staff."
E Morshedloo, CELTA student, 11 Nov 2017

"I realy enjoyed every moment of the course. All tutors were helpful and encouraging. The ITI is really well-organized. The course was productive.The staffs were welcoming & friendly. we could use facilities without any limitation ad the wifi was good."
E Rahimi, CELTA student, 11 Nov 2017

"Special thanks to my tutors, the IT staff and my group members for their help and support throughout the course :) I think I can say it was worth the sleepless nights :D"
S Kocabas, CELTA student, 20 Oct 2017

"It was the best challenge ever. An intense course, though very much fruitful. The whole course was a great harmony of theory and practice giving the opportunity to put what you learn into practice. Very helpful and professional tutors, kind staff as well as excellent facilities. Almost felt like home. "
S Eslami, CELTA student, 14 Oct 2017