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"Tough but fruitful "
Y Erden, CELTA Online student, 11 Feb 2019

"It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I was taught in a traditional education system myself for most of my life and this whole side of creative teaching techniques was new to me. I am so happy that I was part of this course. It has impacted my personality in a positive way and gave me a fresh perspective about teaching and learning. I am so excited to practice what I learned at ITI in education institutes in Pakistan. I am thankful for all the help my tutors provided me. I really appreciate their kindness, timely help and detailed feedback. I am so happy that I chose to take CELTA. I feel more confident now than I was before. I am thankful to ITI for giving me this opportunity to make new friends and to groom myself for my future teaching ventures."
M Mushtaq, CELTA student, 10 Feb 2019

"Celta was a great experience for me because I had the opportunity to improve my teaching skills and make new friends. This experience also supported my personal development as I have learned to deal with challenges in a more positive manner. Additionally, the tutors were extremely helpful throughout the course because they gave useful feedback, which had a major impact on the improvement of my teaching skills. "
S Aydin, CELTA student, 10 Feb 2019

"The atmosphere was really friendly and professional at the same time which provided a chance of focusing on studying and learning as much as possible. It was an unforgettable experience. "
S Kermanshahani, CELTA student, 10 Feb 2019

"The International Training Institute (ITI) provides a solid base for candidate who are looking forward to teaching English anywhere around the globe. The institute is known for its quality techniques and guides to the teaching of English that ends successful candidates at the end of the course with the CELTA certificate; a certificate internationally recognised. Its reputation and quality in this domain leaves no candidate with an iota of regret. ITI leaves me with an experience to remember and of which I will like to urge other candidates wishing to teach English to try as they will confirm their experience too later. The morning input sessions I must say were quite enriching to help develop one's teaching skills. Though I would be selfish to keep ITI 4 Levant all to myself, the work of the experience teachers is just to good to stay hidden for long. There's no doubt ITI is the best. Its training remains simple but has a remarkable impact and focus.. It is a healthy course, though it leaves you with sleepless nights and days in the course of its duration. "
J Kambang, CELTA student, 09 Feb 2019

"During the course, I learnt a lot and had great memories! Despite the sleepless nights and intensive work I enjoyed a lot! Our tutors were so supportive and helpful. Thanks for the great learning experience!"
E Buldanlıoğlu, CELTA student, 05 Feb 2019

"Well, it was really a great experience. I miss the stressful life of the course already. "
K Bouazzaten, CELTA student, 03 Feb 2019

"Everything was perfect "
A Shiri, CELTA student, 02 Feb 2019

"Everyone was kind, helpful, and supportive"
D Hamid, CELTA student, 02 Feb 2019

"Celta will definitely change my life, I have improved my skills and I’ll apply what I learned in teaching practice."
F Hamza, CELTA student, 02 Feb 2019