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"Great experience"
H Moukrime, CELTA student, 19 Aug 2018

"I enjoyed my time being there The tutors are so helpful and supportive Everything was organized and according to the timetable We had access to many resources ( books ) "
H Almokhtar, CELTA student, 19 Aug 2018

"I'm happy about having participated in CELTA course. Thank you!"
E Artemevskikh, CELTA student, 19 Aug 2018

"It was a wonderful experience with fabulous tutors. I learnt a lot of new things and met so many lovely people. It was tough, but it was surely worth it."
M Mobaraki, CELTA student, 19 Aug 2018

"We became familiar with different techniques of teaching skills which are very important to all teachers to know. we really had awesome tutors and wonderful time with staffs, friends, and students. Although it was an intensive course, it was sweet. I really enjoyed my time and learned many things. Thank you ITI "
M Dariani, CELTA student, 18 Aug 2018

"You guys are amazing. You helped me a lot to develop not only my English skills but also my personality as well!!! A BIG THANK YOUUUUUU TO LIZ AND MAJID !!!!! <3"
N Belabyad, CELTA student, 18 Aug 2018

"It was a one in a lifetime experience and ITI Istanbul is definitely the best choice for such an intensive and demanding schedule. Great tutors, great atmosphere, and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to every single person in ITI to make this stay a memorable and enjoyable one!"
O Aydın, CELTA student, 18 Aug 2018

"The course helped me to improve my teaching skills. The experience I got is inestimable."
N Deniakina, CELTA student, 18 Aug 2018

"This course hepled me to feel deeply real and exact meaning of English teaching thanks to all professional tutors and teaching techniques."
M Asadi, CELTA student, 18 Aug 2018

"So far CELTA has been the best professional experience in my life. ITI made it memorable for me, and I can’t wait to continue the journey of development. You’ll never regret the hard work. Just do it. "
S Najafi, CELTA student, 18 Aug 2018