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International Training Institute

"It was a very nice and good course. We had the chance to communicate with different nationalities and tackle variety of techniques."
S Mahmoud, CELTA student, 16 Jul 2019

"I really enjoyed the practical part of the course including observation and feedback sections. Great experience, intensive and highly recommended for all teachers!"
U Comlek, CELTA student, 15 Jul 2019

"I think it will be really useful course for my future education. Generally I am OK about the education that I took"
A Dikici, CELTA student, 14 Jul 2019

"Everything is excellent."
A Jamdar, CELTA student, 14 Jul 2019

"Overall, it wasn’t bad."
L Regina, CELTA student, 13 Jul 2019

"Everything about this place was awesome. "
K Başaran, CELTA student, 13 Jul 2019

"It was a good experince, everybody was so helpful, even if the course is so intense, thanks to frendly atmosphere, you don’t feel trapped"
H Özbey, CELTA student, 13 Jul 2019

"There are so many outstanding points about ITI that it’s hard to single out the top , but I’ll try ! Above all , the tutors were extremely patient, kind and insightful .. even tutors who did not have me directly were willing to advise and assist... they are friendly, approachable and highly skilled . Watching them teach lessons, you can see that practice what they preach regarding technique and professionalism. The administrative staff as well were always friendly and helpful .. in every way, they ensured that all was in place for us to have a successful course.The facilities were comfortable and adequate for our needs , within reason. The CELTA itself is very demanding on your focus and your time , but ITI’s coaching and support gets you to the finish line .Please be advised though, that it is up to you to run the race ! I definitely will be returning to ITI for future professional development courses and will continue to hold the time spent and the facility in high esteem."
J Roxburgh, CELTA student, 13 Jul 2019

"I loved it and I have leaned a lot of new things in my teaching career "
T Fideli, CELTA student, 13 Jul 2019

"It was the best learning experience that I have ever had. The tutors are more than amazing! The staff always welcomed us with warm smiles. I felt like being at home. It was really hard to leave such a wonderful place! Thank you for everything."
M Al-Khatib, CELTA student, 13 Jul 2019