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International Training Institute

"It was challenging, enjoyable and beneficial. "
I Alkadro, CELTA student, 07 Feb 2018

"It was a great experience and I have enjoyed it very much."
Y Cagirici, CELTA student, 03 Feb 2018

"it was a little intensive, but overall a good experience. "
S Jalali, CELTA student, 30 Jan 2018

"It was exhausting yet I learned so much and now I feel confident about teaching in a classroom. I'm glad that I've made the decision to sign up for this course. "
A Uzluer, CELTA student, 29 Jan 2018

"Awesome experience. Lots of sleepless nights, caffein and new vocabulary (TP, OHP, elicit) but most importantly lots of fun, enthusiastic teachers, new techniques and an inspiring learning atmosphere. I especially loved the library, spent many many hours there (trying to come up with ideas for re-grouping :) Learned new strategies, developed new ideas and improved my teaching style. Thank you ITI for a wonderful program and marvelous experience. "
S Koca, CELTA student, 23 Dec 2017

"CELTA course was a unique experience I've ever had. The tutors were professional, helpful, nice and I've learned alot from them. ITI is the best for CELTA because of its staff who were helpful and friendly. The course was demanding ,but ITI supported me like a family. I'd like to thank Sahand for his tech support. I will also remember the glasses of coffee from ITI which kept me awake 😅.Thank you ITI"
S Gamchi, CELTA student, 20 Dec 2017

"I benefited a lot and I enjoyed the multi culture environment of students, teachers and special thanks to the great tutors: Jess, Ramy, Liz, Nique and Tom and the administration and library team: All of that really added extra value to the experience.. If I were asked to do it again, sure NOT (Simply Because I have the certificate now, are you kidding!! :), BUT certainly I will try to acquire the next one, the DELTA some time later and definitely at ITI Istanbul. :)"
L Shahin, CELTA student, 20 Dec 2017

"very helpful and it really made a difference "
M Mansuri, CELTA Online student, 20 Dec 2017

"I really enjoyed the course and I learned lots of things here. It was wonderful. This course helped me to come up to new approaches and techniques of teaching and update my teaching strategies and techniques. the tutors were great."
F Moghaddam, CELTA student, 17 Dec 2017

"It was a great experience for me as I got to know perfect and helpful tutors and learned a ton of new stuff."
B Jahanaray, CELTA student, 17 Dec 2017