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"This course was by far the most challenging thing I have done. Very overwhelming at the beginning. However it was the best thing I have done. I have learnt soo much over the duration of this course. The tutors are great, very supportive and helpful. The staff were also great, helpful and always welcoming. There was always a positive atmosphere with staff, teachers, students and everyone at the centre. Thank you to everyone at ITI. "
H Gur, CELTA student, 17 Oct 2018

"Well, it was a really challenging course in terms of time management, but it is really worth it. It had everything you need: experienced and supportive tutors, international environment, valuable practice, efficient feedback sessions which are really important on the course, facilities were good and one of my fav was cafeteria and that small community around the table where we could have coffee, chat during breaks and share impressions. I loved Istanbul and I made good friends there. "
G Isakova, CELTA student, 16 Oct 2018

"The most practical course ever. "
L Khalili, CELTA student, 11 Oct 2018

"It was the best course of teaching I could ever imagine. The tutors, the staff, the facilities and everything,let us experience teaching in a more fruitfull way."
S Rahmani, CELTA student, 06 Oct 2018

"All sessions were perfect, like as my imagination. I could learn many critical points which were impossible without this course."
N Kasiribidhendi, CELTA student, 06 Oct 2018

"This course was a great opportunity to brush up things I knew and become a better teacher. Thank you all for your help and support."
S Hedayat, CELTA student, 06 Oct 2018

"I love ITI. I'll never forget all the friendliness and all the support from ITI. Everything we needed was there and nobody even mentioned once why you are in the library until 9.p.m. , and why are you using so much paper. The number of students for our teaching practices was high and that's another great point about ITI center. I just wish ITI could manage to give accomodation to celta trainees so as to avoid any conflicts with finding accomodation in Istanbul or problems with the landlords introduced by ITI. I could never see I will love an institute so much. Thank you all for this great feeling: tutors Tracy and Ramy, administrative staff Julide and Meral, IT staff Sahand, and all the Cafeteria staff."
H Alidoustestalaki, CELTA student, 06 Oct 2018

Y Mallahi, CELTA student, 06 Oct 2018

"Celta was a really intensive and valuable course.I had a good time here and tutors were very helpful.I had excellent communication with everyone.Doing Celta course gave me the opportunity what I need in terms of knowledge and confidence to teach . Feedback was important to my development as a teacher,input from all other students was good as well. Definetely,I will miss the course."
G Bi├žer, CELTA student, 02 Oct 2018

"The most intensive and challenging course that I have ever taken, you can not imagine what I've experienced, highly recommended."
S Ghanei-Arani, CELTA student, 02 Oct 2018