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"I did the YLE in August 2016. The tutors were fantastic - very supportive, always available. The administrative staff were also very helpful and friendly, but I would have appreciated getting course information a bit earlier. The course was moved to a new location at the last minute where we experienced problems with the internet connection and printing facilites. The staff made every effort to solve these problems, but it was very,very frustrating because the problems took a while to sort out."
D Frost, YLE student, 22 Sep 2016

"Awesome experience "
S Thoufeeq, YLE student, 20 Aug 2016

"The quality of the course was up to my expectations. The tutors were very qualified and had good conduct. We had a little hitch with the internet and photocopier initially but this was later taken care of. Overall, the course was worth the pains. I greatly recommend it to anyone who wants to have great fun teaching English."
V Anyanwu, YLE student, 16 Aug 2016

"This the best experience that I've ever had.This course was really hard and stressful, but l have learned a lot of things during this course and met the best and helpful tutors in this course like Ramy and simge. I really appreciate them. I found really nice and helpful friends in this course. "
B Rakhshanfar, YLE student, 02 Jul 2016

"It was very practical and completed my experience of teaching, and in the meanwhile was an outstanding chance to be in contact with native speakers of English as well as professional people in the field of teaching."
N Mohammadpor, YLE student, 04 Jun 2016

"Well the course was super extensive, but Elna & Laurence were extremely helpful & knowledgable and their sense of understanding paved the way and facilitated the hardships"
G Hady, YLE student, 15 Aug 2015

"Thank you for this great course. I learned a lot of things, I met very nice people and I am happy that I had these 2 crazy weeks with you."
O Dingec, YLE student, 15 Aug 2015

"I really enjoyed having the chance to teach children with whom I did not share a language. "
J Uribe, YLE student, 24 Aug 2014

"My experience of the course was enjoyable, the tutors were incredibly supportive and the facilities were fine. Easy location, only 20 minutes from my home in Kemerburgaz. I learnt a great deal on the course, and I wish I had taken it five years ago! May I take this opportunity to thank not only my tutors, but all the staff at ITI. "
A Sarioglu, YLE student, 20 Aug 2014