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International Training Institute

"I have learned a lot of things in such short time. Tutors are great there and give you the things that will not be easy to find anywhere else. "
A Kakabayev, DELTA Module 1 student, 13 Aug 2018

"That was a turning point in my career!"
M Takieldin, DELTA Module 2 student, 06 Aug 2018

"It's a great multicultural experience in a great city!"
Y Ramanenka, DELTA Modules 1 & 2 student, 05 Aug 2018

"Overall, the course was well-designed and it kept us goal oriented. The tutors' guiding methods were effective and had the positive impact on my performance. The resources we were provided were handy and helpful in terms of easy access to them and a wide range of academic reference. "
S Agayeva, DELTA Module 2 student, 04 Aug 2018

"Excellent course. Well organised. Very supportive staff. "
A Keenan, DELTA Module 2 student, 02 Aug 2018

"This was a unique experience, intensive indeed, but especially very instructive and awareness raising. "
F Benabed, DELTA Module 2 student, 29 Jul 2018

"Satisfactory! Tutors are supportive and responsive. "
K Parveen, DELTA Module 2 student, 22 Jun 2018

"It is a well organised course, very good for people who work in places where no Delta course is run. "
J Krasny, DELTA Module 3 student, 11 Jun 2018

"I've felt that the course tutors have done their best to guide us throughout this experience & whenever I needed help and/or guidance, I was given assistance, which made me feel safe since I sometimes needed that guidance. From time to time, the course has been quite a challenge for me although I've learned a lot - because I've had some administrative duties sometimes I've had a hard time sparing enough time to do the reading at least as much as I wanted, but still the course has been quite informative and it has made me go over the things that I haven't long thought about (regarding teaching & learning). "
P Akıncı, DELTA Module 2 student, 09 Jun 2018

"I improved my teaching techniques and classroom management. I tried hard to have learner-centered lessons by decreasing TTT. It was a challanging experience for me. I am happy to have this course. "
Yılmaz, DELTA Module 2 student, 08 Jun 2018