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"Amazing tutors. They were all very professional and helpful. I will never forget this amazing DELTA experience. I am glad I have met them. "
T Delibasoglu, DELTA Module 1 student, 05 Jan 2019

"Fantastic prep course with prompt and detailed feedback. Thoroughly recommended."
P Rothery, DELTA Module 1 student, 10 Dec 2018

"Thank you dear IT I Istanbul! I appreciate the support and valuable feedback you have given me."
G Baikenova, DELTA Module 3 student, 09 Dec 2018

"It was stimulating and effective, I would have attended all sessions if I had the time to"
K Albader, DELTA Module 1 student, 22 Nov 2018

"It was great - there was much information. I unfortunately couldn't keep up with everything, but I will definitely complete it again. "
K Hardy, DELTA Module 1 student, 22 Nov 2018

"I was such a wonderful experience for me. I have learnt lots of things. It was stressful and tough, yet rewarding I hope.However, I think if there is a live session per week, it will much more beneficial for all of us as candidates. Hopefully, you will take this suggestion into consideration."
T Sharaf, DELTA Module 1 student, 22 Nov 2018

"I have learned a lot of things in such short time. Tutors are great there and give you the things that will not be easy to find anywhere else. "
A Kakabayev, DELTA Module 1 student, 13 Aug 2018

"That was a turning point in my career!"
M Takieldin, DELTA Module 2 student, 06 Aug 2018

"It's a great multicultural experience in a great city!"
Y Ramanenka, DELTA Modules 1 & 2 student, 05 Aug 2018

"Overall, the course was well-designed and it kept us goal oriented. The tutors' guiding methods were effective and had the positive impact on my performance. The resources we were provided were handy and helpful in terms of easy access to them and a wide range of academic reference. "
S Agayeva, DELTA Module 2 student, 04 Aug 2018