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"I would like to say that I was very happy with the course. I especially appreciated all the session notes, session videos and extra links provided by the tutors. The course was absolutely fundamental in my preparation for the Module 1 exam."
A Castro, DELTA Module 3 student, 07 Jan 2018

"I was good and thorough. "
T Noatki, DELTA Module 1 student, 24 Dec 2017

"quick responses of the tutors and their guidance make the course effective"
M Ünver, DELTA Module 3 student, 18 Dec 2017

"The course was really effective in improving my teaching skills. The tutors were great and they helped me a lot with their constructive feedbacks. Thank you for everything."
E Kiliç, DELTA Module 2 student, 15 Dec 2017

"This course was wonderful--well done!"
N Huzieff, DELTA Module 1 student, 14 Dec 2017

"It has been wonderful associating myself with the ITI Istanbul,Turkey for the DELTA course.At first what seemed like a daunting task was made easy by the quick response and encouraging feedback of the tutors.The resources available online on the moodle were also very helpful.So I would like to thank all the staff and administration of ITI for all the help extended from time to time."
M Hasan, DELTA Module 3 ELTM (Management) student, 14 Dec 2017

"It was perfect!"
Z Konyar, DELTA Module 2 student, 11 Dec 2017

"It has been so useful I learned so much about teaching . I've been looking for such course for a long time and I highly recommend all teachers to take it "
N Chataw, DELTA Module 2 student, 11 Dec 2017

"Thanks for your great efforts! The exam practices were very useful, and the tutors feedbacks were of a great help not to mention Sally's big support and swift replies when help was needed."
R Alhamwi, DELTA Module 1 student, 07 Dec 2017

"I found this course very helpful and tutors were very responsive to any queries. The course looks great as well and is very easy to navigate. Tutors are pleasant and material shared on VLE is very useful and handy. Thank you "
A Jafry, DELTA Module 1 student, 07 Dec 2017